Hotspot User Login Methods

How do you want your users to access the internet?

The main point of a hotspot is to control access to the internet for a particular groups of users.

Whether you want to advertise to these users, provide a simple extra add-on service or sell a complete internet expierence you need to control all aspects of the connection.

We have many splash page access options to choose from:

All options include bandwidth control. Quota control optional.

Tourdesk Login:
If you have an online tour booking service we can integrate it into the hotspot so the first page the user sees has local tour content direct from you.
Social login
Anyone can login to your Wi-Fi with Facebook or Google. If they do not have an account a generic pincode can be used.
Open Access + Collect User Info
The user activates there device on the splash page in exchange for user details – email, postcode phone, etc.. Optional credit card payments.
Wireless Passphrase
Only allow users who you provide an 8 digit passphrase. The user then activates there device on the splash page.
Button + Access Code/pin
The user activates there device on the splash page but must enter a code to get free entry. Optional credit card payments.
Splash Page Button
The user activates there device via a button on the splash page.  ie; 1 hour per day.
Voucher Access:
Print from pdf any style of voucher access. Your users will enter username & password to login.
Credit Card via Paypal:
Premium accounts can use there own Paypal account. Or we can provide this service with a revenue share option.
What method do you need? Let us know please.