Plug & Play Guest Wifi Kit for Cafe/Motel OUTDOOR/INDOOR PRO

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This plug & play kit provides an outdoor rated wireless access point that can be mounted anywhere in a cafe, home office or office, motel or public space. It comes pre configured with your choice of landing page and user access and has a cloud interface to edit features and view usage.


You can plug it directly into your broadband network, test the results and if better signal is needed order another as a repeater which will auto connect to the gateway.


If you need more than 2 access points please request a quote here.



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Whats included

1x A42 Outdoor rated cloud-managed wireless access point with mounting kit
1x 24v POE Power Supply with mounting kit
2x 5m ethernet cable
Initial Setup & Phone Support
Guest Landing Page Branding and network setup
Internet Content Filtering (reduces malware and makes network family friendly)
Lifetime cloud license included.


Pre-configured WiFi Network Examples

Once delivered, power up the access point and ring us to confirm any changes.

Name: “Joes Cafe”
Access type: Facebook Login (we have 9 splash page login options)
Security: Device Isolation & captive portal
Schedule: Wifi enabled from 7am to 11pm
Device Speed: 5mbit Download / 2Mbit Upload

Name: “Staff”
Access Type: Device Isolation & captive portal
Security: Passphrase
Device Speed: 10mbit Download / 2Mbit Upload

Name: “POS” (Point of Sales)
Access Type: Hidden Network/Bridged to your internal POS network
Security: Passphrase
Device Speed: 5mbit Download / 5Mbit Upload





A42 Access Point Datasheet Network Planning Guide Overview


A Series Installation: Outdoor Wall or Pole




Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 20 cm

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