Why not use my ISP’s modem or other wifi hardware like Telstra Air as a hotspot?

Why not use my ISP’s modem or WiFi hardware like Telstra Air as a hotspot for guest WiFi?

Using a default router/modem without dedicated hotspot features to share internet with the public is asking for trouble.

  • All data through the line is the internet account holder’s responsibility. In the case where a guest accessed illegal content you could easily be liable – not that it’s enforced if you do it right. Eventually it will be law to log data from these public networks.
  • Guest computers are often not isolated properly. An average 15 year old could have a field day with anyone else’s data.
  • No ‘terms & conditions’ entry page.
  • The only security – the password – eventually becomes public knowledge. Changing it regularly is not always practical for the business or customer.
  • The users access speed isn’t shared evenly so when someone is uploading say a video to YouTube or file sharing with movies every other connection can become near useless.
  • Who provides support to technophobes? With the massive expectation of quality internet access quests need the internet now and they want it fast.
  • There is no user monitoring – one user could use 300GB in a month, how would you know?
  • Staff will have no monitoring methods or interface to offer support or control to assist users.
  • $10 a mth streaming movie services are now the norm, we expect a massive uptake in usage on all our sites over the coming years, a domestic service will not cope with multiple users.
  • Login method? A hotspot solution will have many methods to authenticate a user too your network.

None of this is a concern with a professional dedicated hotspot software and hardware.

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