Each model is built for a different goal, so it’s difficult to suggest which one is best for your particular use.

Best overall performance: A60

Small space, high throughput: OM5P-AC or A42

Lowest cost: OM2P

A42 or A60?

The A Series introduces a new form factor and will be used as the platform for additional models in the future. The A60 and A42 are both 802.11ac and virtually identical to each other: the A42 is a 2×2 radio while the A60 is 3×3.


OM5P-AC or A42?

The OM5P-AC is deal for covering a single room in a hotel room, dorm, care facility or small office. It can be used with the OM Series enclosures. The A42 also offers a 2×2 radio but adds significant range and a universal housing—no enclosures needed.

OM2P or OM2P-HS?

The OM2P-HS offers great performance on the 2.4 GHz band only and can be used with a 802.3af PoE switch. It continues to be a very popular model for cloud-managed WiFi in non-congested environments.

The OM2P works well when you don’t need as much speed or you need to use an external antenna. This model supports passive 12-24v PoE. With the included antenna it has approximately the same range as the OM2P-HS.

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