WiFi Login Troubleshooting



  • Restart your wifi or/and your device and try again (your device will then find the best wifi access point). You may need to do this if you move around the site a lot.
  • Forget Network using the wireless management software on your device you can ‘forget’ the wifi network and start again
  • Mobile data: while it’s not strictly necessary, if you also have a sim card installed for mobile data it will help to turn this off to reduce potential conflict with the wireless hotspot.
  • Login or activation issues Open your internet browser and start an internet request by clicking on a link or bookmark or typing say ‘ninemsn.com‘ into the address bar. This will force a redirect too our login page so you can activate your device on the network.
  • If you are using an app and find that there is loss of internet, it may be that your session expired… please open your browser and login again if needed or restart the wifi.

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