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First of all you should know that however the system is secure, all data is sent as clear text between the user’s computer and the router, unless the user is connecting via a secure protocol (https (ssl), ssh, secure pop3 or imap, etc). This is how public internet hotspots work.

However most of the cases users shouldn’t have to worry as almost all payment and banking websites are using secure protocols (including our payment pages which are provided by PayPal). Your splash pages are also secure.

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Why not use my ISP’s modem or WiFi hardware like Telstra Air as a hotspot for guest WiFi?

Using a default router/modem without dedicated hotspot features to share internet with the public is asking for trouble.

  • All data through the line is the internet account holder’s responsibility. In the case where a guest accessed illegal content you could easily be liable – not that it’s enforced if you do it right. Eventually it will be law to log data from these public networks.
  • Guest computers are often not isolated properly. An average 15 year old could have a field day with anyone else’s data.
  • No ‘terms & conditions’ entry page.
  • The only security – the password – eventually becomes public knowledge. Changing it regularly is not always practical for the business or customer.
  • The users access speed isn’t shared evenly so when someone is uploading say a video to YouTube or file sharing with movies every other connection can become near useless.
  • Who provides support to technophobes? With the massive expectation of quality internet access quests need the internet now and they want it fast.
  • There is no user monitoring – one user could use 300GB in a month, how would you know?
  • Staff will have no monitoring methods or interface to offer support or control to assist users.
  • $10 a mth streaming movie services are now the norm, we expect a massive uptake in usage on all our sites over the coming years, a domestic service will not cope with multiple users.
  • Login method? A hotspot solution will have many methods to authenticate a user too your network.

None of this is a concern with a professional dedicated hotspot software and hardware.

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  • Restart your wifi or/and your device and try again (your device will then find the best wifi access point). You may need to do this if you move around the site a lot.
  • Forget Network using the wireless management software on your device you can ‘forget’ the wifi network and start again
  • Mobile data: while it’s not strictly necessary, if you also have a sim card installed for mobile data it will help to turn this off to reduce potential conflict with the wireless hotspot.
  • Login or activation issues Open your internet browser and start an internet request by clicking on a link or bookmark or typing say ‘‘ into the address bar. This will force a redirect too our login page so you can activate your device on the network.
  • If you are using an app and find that there is loss of internet, it may be that your session expired… please open your browser and login again if needed or restart the wifi.

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Connect your customers with Facebook WiFi for Open Mesh

Use Facebook WiFi to let your customers check in on Facebook and use the web for free.

A new way to connect and grow your business:


Facebook Wifi Login Integration





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We prefer direct email support using or open a support request here – the Hotspot login page also has a support request form and we have these FAQ page’s.

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To operate a HotSpot with our system, a broadband internet connection and at least one of our access points is required. 10 minutes after the access point receives internet, the service starts to work (you need to provide the broadband internet connection).

Since there is a special software running on the router, there is no need to operate a dedicated computer. If you operate your HotSpot as a pay-per-use service, users can pay their access fee by a credit card, thus the operation of the system is completely automatic, there is no need of staff interaction or a dedicated computer.

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We often get requests to filter public WiFi content or block websites.

This can be setup on your network by changing your modem/router settings or the change can be made on your hotspot router from the Cloud Controller.

A DNS filter is the simplest method of filtering and controlling user traffic, we use our own custom filter (nxfilter) and also free public filters.

A – Security (malware, phishing sites and scam sites)

B – Security + Pornography

C – Security + Pornography + Other

All policies block malware, phishing and scam sites.
Pornography includes sites that contain sexually explicit material.
Other includes sites that feature: mature content, abortion, alcohol, crime, drugs, file sharing, gambling, hate, suicide, tobacco or violence.






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OzSpots prides itself on offering the best support to our customers. Our technical support service is available 24×7, based in Cairns, Australia.

We understand that you want to focus on running your business, so we take a hands on approach to all support requirements so that you don’t need to worry. This begins with our installation service, where we advise and help you complete the full Hotspot installation until it is running perfectly.

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  • Upload & download per device throttling: ie: 10mbit down/5mbit up
  • Various checks of data usage, firewalls, URL’s and DNS logs
  • DNS Internet Content Filtering
    Policy A — Security
    This policy blocks all sites hosting malware, phishing sites, and scam sites.
Policy B — Security + Pornography
In addition to blocking unsafe sites, this policy also blocks access to sites that contain sexually explicit material.
Policy C — Security + Pornography + Non-Family Friendly
This policy is ideal for families with young children. In addition to blocking unsafe sites and pornography sites, this policy also blocks access to sites that feature mature content, abortion, alcohol, crime, cults, drugs, gambling, hate, sexual orientation, suicide, tobacco, or violence.

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Want to use your own casting device or Streaming TV service with OzSpots WiFi?

Most of our sites have a secondary WiFi network just for casting between your devices.

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Test your network speed

Use this site to test speeds from your device to the Sydney server.

Remember that most Guest WiFi connections have a per device speed throttling (most of our sites have at least 3mb download).

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Shipping, Returns and Exchanges



We use the Australian Post API to determine cost from weight and size.



As soon as your order has dispatched, we’ll send you a shipping notification email to keep you in the loop. The email will contain your eParcel tracking number so you can track the progress of your order through the Australia Post website.

Don’t stress if it doesn’t work immediately – it often takes up to 4 hours for it to be searchable in the system.



We deliver to the countries listed below; simply enter your address during checkout.

Australia $15 + Standard 2-5 Business Days


What is the returns policy?

We will accept returns for change of mind on products purchased online within 30 days from date of receipt, or if faulty. Goods can be returned using a Reply Paid address at no cost to you.

For products purchased online and delivered outside of Australia, we will accept returns for faulty items only.


How can I request a return, exchange or refund?

You can create a new return request using our online returns system. You will need your order number and email address with which you placed the order, both of which can be found in your order confirmation email.


Request Return


What happens if my product is faulty?

We take extreme care in ensuring our goods are of the highest quality. However, if for any reason you find a fault with one of our products we would like to help you resolve the problem. You can create a new return request for faulty items using our easy online returns system (outlined above).





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